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Client-orientation. To be successfully working in BALTO LINK, one must endeavour to provide ultimate quality and timely service, delivering superior added value to the clients.  We expect our employees to anticipate (internal or external) clients’ needs, actively pursue solving problems, meet and exceed expectations, and be willing to go an extra mile. Moreover, client-orientation also means putting oneself into the client’s shoes; in other words, arranging complex things simple and easy-to-understand as well as convenient to use/manage.

Initiative-taking. We expect our employees to be proactive and advancing.  At BALTO LINK, we have lean management structure and prefer keeping it that way. That is, one joining BALTO LINK should expect, on the one hand, little supervisory and, on the other, a lot of freedom while setting high expectations and acting as a self-initiative  person.  If you see things that could be changed for the better and you go to implement change without looking for someone to instruct, we could be a perfect fit for each other.

Integrity.  We believe people are honest and trustworthy. Our company advocates little control and extensive freedom in individual actions and decision-making.  As a team, we rely on each of our team-mates a lot.  Consequentially, any form of deception, exploitation or misuse of trust provided is not tolerated in any way.

Cooperativeness. BALTO LINK is based on teamwork. Therefore, each individual’s ability to work in good collaboration mode is immensely contributing to our overall success. We believe that cooperativeness, among other things, requires a person to be friendly and discreet with team-mates, willing to support and help other colleagues, initiating and actively involved in best practice sharing.