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There are several areas where the added value of an insurance broker is most visible, and claim settlement is one of them.  Therefore, our special attention is devoted to the proper and timely service of our clients’ claims.  For that reason we have assembled a dedicated team of professional experts with years of experience, flexible and ready to effectively assist our clients when a loss occurs.  Their main task is to represent our client’s interests in case of an insured event, speed up and simplify the loss adjustment procedure and decrease the claim indemnity period. Our claim adjusters represent the interests of our clients in relationships/negotiations with insurance companies as well as with any other liable institutions (e.g., police), or in court/arbitration.

Is your organisation exposed to frequent losses in multiple locations that need to be managed?  We have worked out a setup of risk handling and loss adjustment programmes to allow you to effectively manage losses that cannot be avoided due to their nature.