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Integrated insurance programmes are one of the services that make us especially distinctive. We create and maintain insurance programmes for single companies as well as for groups / holdings.  Companies that operate in more than one location or country can feel themselves comfortable in having adopted a unified approach towards insurance-related issues throughout the group.  Single companies can enjoy full integrity of their insurance-related activities such as unified terms and conditions, self-retentions, etc.    

The final goal of the programme is to secure optimal protection for our client’s assets and financial interests, meanwhile reducing the bottom line of Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) that constitutes insurance premiums, self-retention, deductibles, costs of loss prevention, costs of risk management, taxes, etc. 

Tailoring insurance programme is usually a time-consuming process (requiring most of our time and least of the client’s time).  However, once it is implemented, our clients will always enjoy the luxury of having to deal with  the insurance-related issues just once a year and avoid or absolutely minimize the daily administration.