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Today’s insurance market of the Baltic States is fast-developing and provides a wide scope of services.  Therefore, in order to secure up-to-date risk management and insurance solutions one is supposed to be deeply involved in day-to-day operations of this fast-changing marketplace. 

At BALTO LINK, we are offering an effective tool of insurance audit.  In performing such audit, we analyse the existing risk management and insurance practices of the company, and express our independent opinion based on the situation and capabilities of the insurance market as well as on the industry standards and best practice.  This allows the client to evaluate how efficiently the risk of the company is being managed. 

Thus, with the help of insurance audit service, we are aiming to assist our clients:

  • to identify possible gaps in your insurance cover;
  • to identify areas where problems could occur in the future;
  • to take an independent look at your insurance portfolio;
  • to refresh the established routine of risk management and insurance practices;
  • to determine and suggest the most cost-effective solutions to minimize the operational hazards;
  • to test the security and reliability of current insurance providers.

On case-by-case basis, we can offer insurance audit to our prospects for a nominal fee or even for free in order for the client to test our capabilities and see what benefits could be derived from the potential cooperation with us.