Our Services


Brokers are usually remunerated in a form of commission calculated on the basis of insurance premiums paid by their clients. This, however, does not increase the insurance premium, since all insurance companies incur administrative expenses that in the broker’s presence are undertaken by the broker.

Although commission is the most common form of the broker’s remuneration, few clients choose to pay service fees directly to us.  In such cases, clients are quoted net premiums (i.e., excluding brokerages) by the insurance companies and, in addition, pay agreed fees to us.  This can be done in order to relieve the clients of their concerns over a possible conflict of interest (client’s interests versus higher commission from the insurance company).  To avoid similar speculations, upon client’s request, we are always ready to disclose our earnings and discuss any form of our remuneration.

Additionally, some clients choose to incentivize us during the first year of service offering success fees, which are based on improvements in risk coverage and prices achieved due to our efforts.  In many cases, we have seen client’s insurance costs going down 40% or more, while protection was considerably improving.

On a case-by-case basis, we are keen to offer some services, such as insurance audit, for a nominal fee or even free of charge in order for the client to test our capabilities and see what benefits could be derived from the potential cooperation with us.