Our Services

General Overview of BALTO LINK Services

We offer our clients and prospects a full range of risk management and insurance mediation services.  Although available separately, our services usually come “in packages”.  For instance, insurance placement usually comes together with advice regarding the risk management and, in most cases, with loss adjustment services.  During years of our practice, such “packages” have proven themselves as an optimal tool to control risks and minimize costs. 

In providing our services we always strive towards perfection which we understand our way, which is  anticipate, meet and realize expectations and requirements of the client before they are pronounced. Positive or negative, any comments, suggestions and complaints are more than welcome.

BALTO LINK is also well known as an expert in both complex and complicated insurance related cases.  We have deep knowledge and expertise in creating and implementing complex solutions for groups of the companies (holdings), insuring extraordinary hazards or objects with the very high values, exceeding capacities of the insurance companies.  In many such cases we take pride in being market pioneers, first to bring to the market complex propertybusiness interruptionliabilitycreditlife and pension, and other insurance solutions.  However, in doing this, we always try to put and explain things to our clients in a simple way to make the process as transparent as possible. 

In many cases our clients can expect close attention by BALTO LINK senior management, since even the top positions at BALTO LINK are involved in daily servicing of the clients.  Being our client also means that you are given serious commitments from BALTO LINK.  At good times and bad times, even when others (banks, etc.) turn their backs, we stand behind and support no matter what.