About us

Our Values

Our Strive (Vision)

We strive for perfection in everything we do, seeking to outperform the expected.

Our Responsibilities (Mission)

In realising our vision we have 5 responsibilities:

First is to our CLIENTS, who are organisations and individuals that put trust in us, providing us chance to prove that we are the best.  Our services must be of highest quality and care; we seek to provide clients solutions that are more secure, beneficial and comfortable; we strive to reduce the total costs of risk; we promptly realise clients’ requests and our promises.

Second is to our EMPLOYEES (COLLEAGUES), who are individuals that we are fortunate to work with as one family.  We promote individual progressing and initiative taking.  We value teamwork, and consensus decision-making.  We encourage flexibility and individual freedom supported by responsibility.  Our compensations must be fair and rewarding; qualified people must be given opportunity for advancement.  Each person is considered an individual standing on his/her own dignity and merit.

Third is to our SUPPLIERS (PARTNERS), whose products and services we channel to our clients, and/or whose products and services we utilise.  We set high expectations for our partners, expecting that they support us in our strive.  We promote partnership with those that meet and exceed our expectations; we believe they must make a fair profit.

Fourth is to our COMMUNITIES we operate in.  We want to be good neighbours, with possibility to support good ideas and charity.  We acquaint the community with our activities.

Fifth is to our INVESTORS.  Business must make a sound profit.  Profit is not our strive, but it helps us to milestone and measure on how good are we in our strive.