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Our Commitment to Data Privacy

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As organisations seek to improve their customer and employee experience, create value, and obtain a competitive advantage, the ability to manage data privacy risks and demonstrate compliance with emerging data privacy laws is imperative.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to integrity extends to the personal information we collect, process, and store on behalf of our clients and business partners.  In particular, we are committed to ensuring that any personal information entrusted to us is afforded an appropriate level of security protection and is only used in a way that our clients’ customers and employees would reasonably expect.

How We Manage Data Privacy

We take data privacy extremely seriously and we have invested significant resources into the development of a framework to ensure that our core products and services are compliant with applicable data privacy laws and that wider data privacy risks are effectively managed.

Our approach:

  • starts with our Code of Business Conduct, which sets out senior management commitment to comply with data privacy laws in all the jurisdictions in which we do business and the standards of behaviour expected of our people when working with each other, our clients, and our business partners;
  • is underpinned and supported by appropriate data privacy policies, standards, and standard operating procedures that have been specifically designed to ensure that data privacy risks are effectively managed across our businesses;
  • is driven by our Chief Privacy Officer and Global Privacy Office, who are responsible for promoting compliance and awareness of applicable data privacy laws, advising on the implementation of our data privacy policies and standards, and monitoring compliance in jurisdictions across the globe
  • focuses on establishing a sustainable data privacy control framework which places sufficient emphasis on the implementation and continual improvement of effective data privacy control.

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